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In this facility / facility

Wi-Fi available in this facility

Map in this facility

The corridor of the guest room where you can enjoy the warmth of wood and the unique healing feeling.
The ceiling is called "Boat Bottom Structure", and you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Shukubamachi

List of facilities in this facility

  • public space"Hitorishizuka"

    After your meal, you can relax and enjoy board games or karaoke with your family and friends.

    ■Regular price*Karaoke is not available
    From 10:00 to 18:00:500 yen per person per hour
    From 18:00 to 23:00:Free time for one person 2,000 yen*Drink Included

    ■When using karaoke (private)*Advance reservation required/Minimum of 4 people.
    From 10:00 to 18:00:1,000 yen per person per hour
    From 21:00 to 23:00:2 hours per person 3,000 yen*Drink Included

    For more information, please ask when making your reservation or at the front desk.
  • Restaurant Yukinko

    In addition to dinner, tea time is served in the bright restaurant overlooking the large front yard.
    We have a rich menu for dinner.
  • Lobby

    Entrance & lobby where you can feel the warmth of wood.
    The large windows in the lobby offer seasonal views.
    Please relax and relax
  • About various banquets

    Dinner/Feast/Alumni Association/Welcome and farewell party/Wedding/Reception/Buddhist memorial service/Legal affairs
    It can be used for a wide range of purposes.

    We will prepare according to the number of people from small banquets to large banquets.
  • Convention Hall Yukitsubaki

    The 331 m2 space with a stage is for meetings, lectures, banquets, weddings, receptions, etc.
    It can be used by up to 300 people for various purposes.
    If you partition it with a partition, you can divide it into two parts.
  • Iwakagami Banquet Hall Iwakagami

    We will prepare according to the number of people from small banquets to large banquets.
    The Japanese-style room is 200 square meters, and the large hall with a stage can accommodate up to 120 people for social gatherings.
    It can be divided into two parts.

    If you are a group or group and would like to have a private room dinner, please ask before the front desk (0241-84-2888).We will prepare a banquet hall according to the number of people.
  • Small banquet hall Katakuri

    This 49-square-meter Japanese-style room is ideal for groups, such as for various meetings and social gatherings.
  • Shop Fukinoto

    Minamiaizu addition to the special products of Minamiaizu and Tadami, we also have various souvenirs.
  • Internet service

    Free of charge and Wi-Fi in the facility
    (There are places where it is difficult to connect depending on the location)
  • Charger for electric vehicles

  • Lounge Kobushi

    Please spend a time of chatting in the lounge with wide lighting during tea time while looking at nature.
  • Smoking area

    Located beside the lobby on the 2nd floor.
  • vending machine

    Alcohol and soft drinks are available.
    It is installed in the corridor in front of the bath and before entering the guest room.
  • Guide to rental bicycles (Bicycle & E-BIKE with electric assist)

    In addition to rental bicycles (ISSIMO), electric assisted bicycles have been added.

    Yurari offers two types of rental bicycles.
    ① Popular and fashionable e-Bike in Europe (ISSIMO) Price:From 1,000 yen per hour
     This is a motor-assisted bicycle made in Italy, and as the name E-BIKE suggests,
     It is a vehicle that is attracting attention all over the world, beyond the frame of a bicycle, such as running.
    ②Bicycle with electric assist:1 unit 1,000 yen
     This is a general assisted bicycle and the assist force can be adjusted.
     We have two types, one for adults and one for children.
    Enjoy a sightseeing excursion while feeling the wind and seeing scenery that is often overlooked by car!

    Product introduction page of sales shop motorists

    Rental bicycle terms of use

List of other facilities

Number of rooms

27 rooms in total:13 Western-style rooms/14 Japanese-style rooms
Western-style translation:7 single rooms/Twin 4 rooms/Triple 2 rooms

Standard room facilities

Some guest rooms bath and toilet/All rooms are air-conditioned/TV set/Video deck(Paid/Including DVD)/Refrigerator(Paid beverages available)/mini-bar


Yurari amenities bag (toothbrush / toothbrush / face towel) / bath towel / shampoo / body soap / yukata (Yurari logo) / Tanzen / duvet / razor / shower toilet / shower cap / Cotton stick / comb / brush

Outline of facility

Bars(For a charge)/Banquet Hall(For a charge)/Karaoke facility(For a charge)/No-smoking room

Service & Leisure(Including arrangements)

Massage(For a charge)/Soba making(For a charge)/Day Use(For a charge)/Bicycle rental/Shogi(For a charge)/Game of go(For a charge)/Mahjong(For a charge)/gym(For a charge)/ground(For a charge)/tennis(For a charge)

Locally available credit card

JCB / Visa / Master/AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners/SAISON/UFJ / debit card

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time


Supplementary information about amenities

As it is a hot spring facility, there is shampoo / conditioner / body soap in the large communal bath.
All rooms have yukata / towels (face towels / bath towels) / razors / combs / toothbrushes.
Yukata sizes are available in oversized / large / medium / small / children (3 sizes).

Cancellation provisions

3 to 2 days ago:30% of room rate
One day before:50% of room rate
On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
Please be sure to contact us if you are past your scheduled arrival time.
*If there is a cancellation policy set for each accommodation plan

Hot spring information list

Open Air Bath

Both men and women are available (including time changes) and cannot be reserved

Number of baths

[Open-air bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[Indoor bath]Man:2 woman:2 mixed bathing:0
[Sauna]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0

Other bath facilities

Sauna(Dry sauna/Mist sauna)/Jacuzzi/shampoo/conditioner/Body Soap/Hairdryer/Hair styling products(Hair tonic / milky lotion)

Gender replacement

The Toki-no-yu" and "Sato-no-yu, " are switched between 11:00 and 0:00 and the next morning from 5:00 to 9:00, so both guests can use them. ..
For day-trippers, men and women change daily.

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax Adults 150 yen will be charged separately.

Hot Spring Qualities

Sodium chloride sulfate hot spring


Neuralgia/muscle pain/Joint pain/Fifty shoulders/Motor paralysis/Joint stiffness/Bruise/Sprain/Chronic gastrointestinal disease/Hemorrhoids/Cold sensitivity/Post-illness recovery period/Fatigue recovery/Health Promotion

Open Hours

■Guests for Overnight Stay
Check-in ~ 0:00 / Next morning from 5:00 to 9:00
■Day Trip Guests
Reception hours:11: 00-20: 00/Bathing time:Until 21:00
*Please note that there are time restrictions during Obon / Golden Week
*We stated in our time field of Murayu for Murayu

One-day hot spring fee

Adult(s)(Junior high school students and above):700 JPY(Tax included)/Elementary school-aged children:250 JPY(Tax included)/Under elementary school students:Free