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Yurari the beech forest near Yurari!

The staff will guide you to the beech forest every morning for about an hour from 8 o'clock.
Feel free to join us.〈From the end of April to October〉
  • [Tadami Town]

    • Tagokura Dam

      Tadami Station, take National Route 252 Yukiwari Kaido toward Uonuma City for about 8 km.
      On the way Lake Tadami and climb a steep slope to see Tagokura Lake View, which stands beside the Tagokura Dam
      Lake Tagokura is one of Japan's leading dam lakes surrounded by the mountains of Echigo Sanzan Tadami
      Yurari, 30 minutes by car.〈Closed from spring to autumn and winter〉
    • Megumi no Mori Forest(Fuzawa)

      course along Otakizawa in the beech forest.
      Yurari, take National Route 289 to Kobayashi, then take Prefectural Highway 153 to the Megumi no Mori Forest entrance, about 14 km, 20 minutes by car.〈Spring to autumn〉

      Click the title to see the introduction page of Tadami Town Tourism Town Development Association
    • Iyashi no Mori Forest(Fuzawa)

      A nature observation road that walks along the gentle ridge road of the town boundary with Kanayama Town.
      Yurari, take National Route 289 to Kobayashi, then take Prefectural Matsuzaka Pass is the Iyashi no Mori Forest entrance.
      About 11 km, 16 minutes by car.〈Spring to autumn〉

      Click the title to see the introduction page of Tadami Town Tourism Town Development Association
    • Mt Asakusa, Mt Gamo Gamoudake, Mt.

      Tadami Town surrounded by mountains, the four seats with a well-maintained mountain trail called Tadami
      Gamoudake, which is a low mountain but steep, and Mt. Asakusa and Mt. Aizu, which are full-scale mountain climbers.
      In both cases, you can enjoy the unique nature of the snowy country.〈Spring to autumn〉
    • Tadami Beech and River Museum(Tadami)

      A natural history museum run by the Tadami Beech CenterTadami's nature and relationships with people with dioramas, panels, and stuffed animals.
      Tagokura, where you can enter with a common ticket, is also nearby.
      Yurari, 20 minutes by car.〈All Year〉
    • Kawai Tsuginosuke Memorial(Shiozawa)

      It is built in Shiozawa, Tadami-cho, which was the end of Chief Retainer of Nagaoka Domain retainer, Tsuginosuke Kawai, at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.
      The books of Ryotaro Shiba are on display, including the end of the relocated Tsuginosuke Kawai
      Yurari, 32 minutes by car.〈Closed in winter〉
  • [Neighboring towns and villages]

    • Ouchi-juku(Shimogo Town)

      It is a village that retains the remnants of the Edo period, with thatched-roof houses lined up along the old highway.
      Aizu Tajima Yunokami Onsen, Shimogo Town Ouchi-juku via Aizu Tajima.
      Yurari from Yurari, 80 minutes by car.〈All Year〉
    • Enzoji Temple(Yanaizu Town)

      Japan's Three Great Kokuzo Bosatsu (akasagarbha) and boasts a history of about 1200 years.
      Yurari is also recommended to drive along the Tadami River from Yurari to the Tadami River Tadami River Bridge View Point
      6 km from Aizubange IC Yurari Ban-Etsu Expressway, about 62 km from Yurari, 80 minutes by car.〈All Year〉
    • Aizu Kogen Nango Ski Area(Minamiaizu Town)

      A ski resort with good snow quality in Minamiaizu
      You can enjoy snowboarding at this ski resort, and there is also a half-pipe course.
      course such as 12 slopes and 6 lifts, so you can enjoy skiing to your heart's content.
      About 20 minutes by car from Yurari
      〈Opening period:Late December-late March〉

      There are also other ski resorts.
      ・Kita Nikko / Takahata Ski Area (Minamiaizu Town Omomo)
      ・Aizu Kogen Takatsue Ski Resort (Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu)
    • Aizukogen Takatsue Country Club(Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu)

      course surrounded by natural forest at an altitude of 1000m, which is cool even in summer.
      You can enjoy golf as much as you want in an excellent environment overlooking the distant mountains.
      Yurari from Yurari, 60 minutes by car.〈Spring to autumn〉
  • Enjoy the nature of Tadami

    Tadami was registered in the "UNESCO Eco Park" in June 2014 as a model area where nature and people coexist.
    The area of 747.53 km3 of the town is 1.2 times larger than the 23 wards of Tokyo, and more than 90% of it is occupied by forests.
    Tadami Town is rich in nature, has many ways to enjoy it, such as mountain climbing, bird watching, and nature walks.
    • Yurari is a beech forest about 20 minutes on foot from Yurari.

      Beech forest in Yonazawa forest

      I want to see the beech forest! Recommended for those who want to go!
      You can easily enjoy a beech walk from spring to autumn.
      You can experience a lot of emotions such as wild grass, chirping of small birds, picking up nuts, and carpets of fallen leaves.
      Especially recommended is the "Let's walk in the forest!"Yurari
      About 1 hour from 8:30 in the morning(Reservation required.)
      Please make a reservation after consulting at the front desk in advance.
    • Snow erosion terrain(Avalanche chute)

      See snow erosion terrain

      Tadami Town, which is also a heavy snowfall area, you can see the scenery called "snow-eating terrain" where the snow that has fallen on the mountains becomes an avalanche and the mountain surface is shaved and the rock surface is exposed.
      It is a rare sight in a heavy snowfall area.
    • Brocken specter

      See the Brocken specter at Tadami

      Tadami Town, you can see a precious sight called "Brocken specter".
      Since the places, seasons and times you can see are limited, you cannot experience this phenomenon unless you want to see it.
      The "Brocken specter" is a phenomenon in which a rainbow ring is formed around one's figure when the sun at sunrise or sunset is the background in a place where a lot of fog occurs.
      Is it called "Sunrise" in Japan?
      In order to actually see it, various elements must be arranged, and the conditions are.
      There is fog, and there is a place where direct sunlight hits from behind you and you can see it.
      Tadami Lake Tadami early morning when the morning mist comes out from July to August.