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Enjoy sightseeing in Tadami, the natural capital, and the surrounding area!

Tadami Town was registered as a "UNESCO Eco Park" in 2014.
The area of the town is 1.2 times that of Tokyo's 23 wards, and more than 90% of the area is forest.
Introducing Tadami Town, which is rich in nature, and neighboring towns and villages, as well as sightseeing spots.
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  • Enjoy the nature of Tadami

    Tadami was registered in the UNESCO Eco Park" in June 2014 as a model area where nature and people coexist.
    The area of 747.53 km3 of the town is 1.2 times larger than the 23 wards of Tokyo, and more than 90% of it is occupied by forests.
    Tadami Town is rich in nature, has many ways to enjoy it, such as mountain climbing, bird watching, and nature walks.
    • Yurari is a beech forest about 20 minutes on foot from Yurari.

      Yonazawa Forest Beech Forest

      I want to see the beech forest! Recommended for those who want to go!
      You can easily enjoy a beech walk from spring to autumn.
      You can experience a lot of emotions such as wild grass, chirping of small birds, picking up nuts, and carpets of fallen leaves.
      Especially recommended is the "Let's walk in the forest!"Yurari
      About 1 hour from 8:30 in the morning(Reservation required.)
      Please make a reservation after consulting at the front desk in advance.
    • Snow erosion terrain(Avalanche chute)

      See snow erosion terrain

      Tadami Town, which is also a heavy snowfall area, you can see the scenery called "snow-eating terrain" where the snow that has fallen on the mountains becomes an avalanche and the mountain surface is shaved and the rock surface is exposed.
      It is a rare sight in a heavy snowfall area.
    • Brocken Specter

      See the Brocken Specter Tadami Dam

      Tadami Town, you can see a precious sight called Brocken Specter
      Since the places, seasons and times you can see are limited, you cannot experience this phenomenon unless you want to see it.
      The "Brocken specter" is a Brocken Specter which a rainbow ring is formed around one's figure when the sun at sunrise or sunset is the background in a place where a lot of fog occurs.
      Is it called "Sunrise" in Japan?
      In order to actually see it, various elements must be arranged, and the conditions are.
      There is fog, and there is a place where direct sunlight hits from behind you and you can see it.
      Tadami Lake Tadami early morning when the morning mist comes out from July to August.