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Tadami proud dishes

Tadami's specialty dishes such as the local cuisine "Ohira" using seasonal ingredients.
Ingredients born in the land of Oku Aizu, which is rich in nature, decorate the set.

Passion for cooking
1. Tradition of local traditional cuisine
2. Providing safe and secure food
3. Local production for local consumption

Yurari staying at Yurari are Japanese kaiseki meals.
We also offer kaiseki meals and meals that have been upgraded from the plan
  • 4 kinds of kaiseki meals

    Supper is Tadami proud "local kaiseki cuisine".
    It is a meal at the restaurant.

    *Please note that the contents may change depending on the season and purchase.
    *Please apply for "Shiki Kaiseki Set Meal" and "Special Japanese Set" with two or more people.
     In addition, the dinner for children (elementary school students and toddlers) is the "children's menu".
    • Example of standard set (local kaiseki meal)

      Accommodation set(Local Kaiseki cuisine set)

      Pre-attached(3 items),Sashimi,Porcelain panel,Local Cuisine"Ohira",Grilled rock fish with salted koji,Fried food,rice,Vegetable soup,Dessert
      3,000 JPY(Tax included)
      Period available:
      Available all year round.(Excluding December 30th to January 2nd)
  • Single dish & liquor

    Including a Oku Aizu typical New Year cuisine of Ohira arm",
    We are particular about seasonal local ingredients such as rock fish / wild plants / mushrooms grown in the fresh water of the Tadami River
    The restaurant's menu also includes "handmade soba" and "country set meals" that use Tadami
    • Single dish & liquor

      Single dish

      Deep-fried rock fish / Sakura sashimi (horse sashimi) / Assorted wild plants, etc.

      Local sake

      Hanaizumi (raw liquor / dry) / Iwaizumi (raw liquor / snow storage liquor) / Doburoku / Iwaizumi bone liquor, etc.
  • Breakfast

    An original edible wild plant buffet that focuses on dishes that use plenty of edible wild plants.
    The wild plants harvested Tadami in deep snow are exquisite!
    The edible wild plants we use are butterbur, mizuna, royal fern, udo, kogomi, bracken and other edible wild plants.
    There are some changes depending on the season.

    *Currently, in order to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infection, we are offering it in a "one-set lunch box format".
  • Restaurant Yukinko

    Open for lunch from 11:30 to 15:00(Last order 14:00)
    Open at night from 18:00 to 21:00(Last order 20:00)

    In addition to lunch and dinner, we have a rich menu for tea time and dinner.